BONUS Swag Bucks Promo Code – Join today & get 110 Swag Bucks!

If you haven’t joined Swag Bucks yet, now is a great time! For a limited time New Members to Swagbucks will get 110 Swag Bucks just for signing up!

To join and get your 110 points head on over here to register.

Enter Promo Code SBPAYSFORME during sign up to get an additional 80 points (this is in addition to the 30 points you normally get for joining)

This code is only valid until 12pm EST on 11/18 so make sure you join before the extra 80 Swag Bucks promotion ends!

Here’s some info on how SwagBucks works:

You use Swag Bucks for your search engine on the Internet (like Google or BING). They are powered by Google and so its a wonderful, safe, search engine.

When you search for things you randomly will get a message that Pops Up from Swag Bucks saying “You’ve Won — Swagbucks” and those Points are deposited into your Swag Bucks Account.

The Points can earn you Prizes such as Amazon Gift Cards, Electronics, & More!

Example of Points for Prizes: 450 Swags to get a $5 gift cards which can easily be earned in less than 1 month!

You also earn points when Friends that you refer Search & Earn Swag Bucks! Refer your friends to get even more Points which means more prizes!

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