WiFi anti-glare Kindle 50% OFF!

WOW! You can currently get a WiFi capable anti-glare Kindle as low as $40 + FREE in-store pick up {that’s 50% OFF!} I own this Kindle and its great, there really is zero glare when reading outdoors and you can’t beat the price 😉

Currently Toys R Us has this Kindle on SALE, but check out how to save even more on your purchase by reading below.

>> First sign up for FREE on Ebates to earn cash back and a FREE $10 Gift Card. I LOVE Ebates, I’ve earned hundreds of dollars in cash back for my online purchases! This is the perfect time to join since the holidays are around the corner and online shopping is inevitable.

Follow these detailed instructions:

  • Sign up for FREE on Ebates to earn Cash Back on your purchase + FREE $10 Gift Card OF YOUR CHOICE (if this is your 1st purchase over $25 made through Ebates) 
  • Search ‘Toys R Us’ on Ebates’ search bar and click on ‘Shop Now’ to be redirected to Toys R Us’ website and earn Cash Back on your purchase + $10 Gift Card
  • Search ‘Kindle with Special Offers – Graphite’ on Toys R Us website (marked down to $59.99 from original $79.99)
  • Add it to your Cart and an additional 15% Off will automatically come off
  • Choose FREE in store pick up

You will pay $50.98 for the Kindle + get cashback for your purchase through Ebates AND you’ll get a $10 gift card of your choice sent to you by Ebates making this purchase just $40.22!!

Kindle features:

    • Differentiator: Price point. The most affordable Kindle ever.

Content: Over 1 million books, magazines and newspapers.

    • Easy to Read: Advanced, high contrast 6 inch E Ink display. No glare even in bright sunlight. No eye strain, reads like real paper.
    • Capacity: Holds up to 1,400 books. You could download one book each week for the next 25 years and still not run out of space.
    • Wi-Fi: Download books in 60 seconds. Connect to Wi-Fi hotspots at home or on the road. Remind customers that they need Wi-Fi access in order to connect at home.
    • Whispersync: Whispersync technology synchronizes your Kindle library and last page read across your devices so you can read a few pages on your phone or computer and pick up right where you left off when you return to your Kindle.
    • Easy to Use: Easy to use right out of the box, no computer required to download content.
    • Easy to Hold: Less than 6 ounces. It is lighter than a paperback and thinner than a magazine.

Navigation: Easy to use 5-way controller which controls on-screen keyboard. Because it is NOT a touchscreen there are no onscreen fingerprints.

    • Fonts: 8 font sizes and 3 font styles. All fonts are crisp and clear.

Dictionary: Built in dictionary and also free access to Wikipedia.org.

  • Bookmarks: Create bookmarks, highlight your favorite passages, and add text notes. Also, books automatically open to right where you left off. Page numbers correspond to print editions.
  • Lend & Share: Lend eligible Kindle books to other Kindle or Kindle app users for 14 days. Post meaningful passages to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Library Books: Check out Kindle books from your public library.


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