Darlin’ Deals CONTEST ~ Guess when my Baby will be Born!

With just 5 more weeks until my due date (YAY!!!) I thought it would be fun to have a ‘Guess the Day my Baby will be Born’  CONTEST!

My actual due date is June 30th, so take a guess by commenting on this post on my website with the Day AND Time that you think my daughter will be born and the person to get the closest to the actual day and time she is born will WIN an Amazon Gift Card :)

Helpful Info: My son was born on his EXACT due date! However that is actually very rare, only 5% of babies are born on their actual due date.

Please be sure to leave your name in your comment along with the day and time that you guess my baby will arrive. You must be a fan on Darlin’ Deals Facebook page to enter for a chance to win.

This giveaway is in no way affiliated or sponsored by Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Must be at least 18 years old to enter. Winner will have 24 hours to claim prize once announced. The correct date of birth guess will be the deciding factor for winning. If more than 1 person guesses the date of birth, the time that is closest to my baby’s actual birth time will be the deciding tie-breaker.


  1. Alyssa v says:

    Alyssa v
    7/1/14 at 3:48pm

  2. July 3rd 708pm

  3. Tessema says:

    June 28th 515pm

  4. June 27th, 3:13am

  5. Maria Markegard says:

    I think June 29th at 5:15pm :-)

  6. June 30 5am

  7. Vanessa weis says:

    June 29 12:20

  8. Vicki Perkins says:

    June 29 at 7:21 am

  9. June 28 at 7:15 am

  10. Laci Nix says:

    June 21st @1219

  11. Kara greenwell says:

    June 23 at 4:24pm

  12. Holli Litrenta says:

    June 27th @ 9:52am

  13. Lalita Malone says:

    My husband’s birthday, June 25th.

  14. July 7th. A week after. Lol. And the time would be 8:30 pm

  15. Angelique says:

    June 26th @ 5:50

  16. june 30th 2:02 am

  17. Rachel Diamond says:

    June 28 @ 6:18am

  18. Farrin McCracken says:

    June 20th @ 4:30A

  19. July 4th 4am

  20. lori bates says:

    6/29 @ 8:15 am

  21. Jessica Parent says:

    June 28th 3:56 am

  22. 7/20/2014 1:38 pm

  23. Cathy Ferber says:

    June 30th 12:25 pm

    3 of my children were born on their due dates

  24. Brittany Pendleton says:

    July 1st at 2:52 A.M.

  25. Lucinda Larson says:

    June 26th at 2:45 pm.

  26. Jamie Lettau says:

    I say she will be born on 7/3 @ 7:52am

  27. Danielle B says:

    July 2 at 6:43 am

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