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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary BABYBJÖRN product to review. I was not persuaded to provide a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When you become a Mother you quickly realize that the 2 hands that you’ve always had are not nearly enough to juggle all of your new responsibilities. If I had the option to become an octopus and have 8 arms during these child-raising years I think I could manage to get a lot more done 😉 Of course that’s not a realistic option so instead I’ve opted to regain the use of my 2 hands by babywearing!

I’ve tried a variety of baby carriers over the years and each one has its pros and cons. The obvious pro to using carriers is that you have the ability to use your arms while still maintaining a closeness and bonding time with your little one. However, the cons of many carriers is that they can be uncomfortable and difficult to put a wiggly baby in. So when I received BABYBJÖRN’s newest carrier, the We. I already had my list of what may be a possible downfall of babywearing.

To my pleasant surprise the We was both extremely comfortable and amazingly easy to put my daughter in! For being a ‘pack style’ carrier it was surprisingly lightweight and it only took a second for me to put on and secure all the fastener clips and tighten the straps. Then came the part that usually makes babywearing a chore – putting the baby in the carrier by yourself while maintaining a safe hold of your little wiggly worm. BABYBJÖRN‘s We carrier had such a wonderful design that it was a piece of cake to slip my baby into the ergonomically designed seating portion and then clip the top straps to secure her into the carrier.

I was so pleased with the comfort and ease of this carrier that I even took it with me for a solo-parent Theme Park day with both my children. This carrier made navigating the crowds of a busy Theme Park so easy! I wore it for hours at a time and didn’t feel weighed down at all. My daughter also loves the carrier, so much so that she even took an hour long nap at the noisy Theme Park.

The We carrier is designed for babies aged 0-3 and has 3 ergonomic carrying options. It has a head support which is wonderful for newborns or infants that don’t have great head support yet. I found the head support to be very beneficial during my daughter’s nap in the carrier, I wasn’t concerned about her head flopping around while I walked.

I highly recommend this carrier to any parent or caregiver searching for a lightweight, easy-to-use, ergonomic babywearing option!

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  1. Jessica Parent says:

    So far Little William has hated all 3 carriers (and my sisters makeshift wrap) that we’ve tried. Im afraid to buy one because they are not cheap if he decides he doesn’t like it-but your review tempts me

    • Darlin' Deals says:

      I’m glad my review was tempting to you Jessica, I try to present my most honest opinion of these products :) My little girl didn’t like carriers when she was first born, but I just tried a variety of carriers and eventually she took to them. I also made sure to only put her in them when she is fed and happy otherwise she would fuss when I put her in. Hopefully you will try the Babybjorn We, your little guy might like it!

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