Baby’s 1st Year Milestones: Email your Child!

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One thing I’ve learned since becoming a Mother is that time slips by quickly with your little ones. I’ve done many things to record these precious times with both of my children including taking pictures, keeping a ‘Baby’s 1st Year’ Calendar, and video taping every adorable thing they do (which in my opinion is everything 😉 )

With Baby #2 I decided to use technology as a way to create a collection of my daughter’s milestones during her 1st year and I plan to continue the updates as she grows up. I created an email address for my little girl and each month I take pictures of her and email it to her with a little info on what she is doing during that month/stage.

Email for Baby

The ultimate plan is to give her the email address and password on her 18th birthday so she can see her progression over the years and the detailed milestones she hit during the first few months of her life.

This is a very fun and affordable way to keep track of the precious moments & milestones in your little one’s life, I highly recommend doing it even if your child is past the baby stage!

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