DIY: Framed Wall Thermostat!

DIY thermo

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One of my favorite things about moving to a new house is all the fun decorating projects you get to do! My latest creation was changing out our super old thermostat with a modern one.

When we first moved into our new home it had a very old thermostat. I was in desperate need of updating to a digital/programmable thermostat. We bought this programmable thermostat ..only to discover that the old thermostat was glued to the wall so removing it left an ugly portion of wall that was never painted or texturized to match the rest of the wall. So I decided in addition to switching to a modern thermostat that I would hang a frame to add a bit of fanciness and also cover the damage on the wall that we patched with spray-on wall texture.

Before After Thermo

This was a very simple project, other than switching out the actual thermostat itself, which I had my husband do since he understands all that electrical stuff 😉

After my hubby did the difficult part of switching over to a modern digital thermostat, I bought this 5×7 ornate picture frame to use as the border frame for the thermostat.

Once it arrived we just removed the backing and used the border portion of the frame to place around the thermostat and voila – my thermostat was now much more pleasing to the eye!

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