How to Save Money at Starbucks!

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How to Save Money at Starbucks

Starbucks has cemented itself as a favorite of Wall Street investors and caffeinated customers and has become one of the most treasured companies in America. With a rapidly growing company and thousands of locations, you really can find a Starbucks on just about every corner.

Even though Starbucks is incredibly popular, it has become so with relatively high prices. Starbucks customers are so attached to the company that many are willing to pay more for something from Starbucks instead of getting a similar product from another coffee shop for less money. Starbucks is known for its quality products and for its creative marketing, and customers keep coming back for more. However, dedicated Starbucks customers know there are lots of ways to save. Here are tips to get the coffee pick-me-up you need without breaking the bank.

Starbucks has evolved from its beginning and is now much more than just a stand-alone coffee shop. Starbucks products are sold in grocery stores and convenience stores around the country as well as at smaller cafes in big stores, which means there are lots of coupons available to use on your Starbucks experience of choice.

Stand-Alone Starbucks Locations Coupon See the My Starbucks Rewards section below.

Starbucks Products at Grocer Store Coupons

Starbucks occasionally places manufacturer coupons for its grocery products in local newspapers and coupon inserts. You can also find coupons specific to certain stores, like Target and CVS, on occasion.

Mini Starbucks Locations within Other Stores Coupons

Pay close attention to deal for Starbucks locations inside grocery stores, as these stores occasionally offer printed coupons and promotions.

Aside from printed coupons, you can also use promo codes on, which can be even easier than clipping and using paper coupons. Starbucks frequently releases valuable online promo codes.

One often-overlooked place for Starbucks products is Sears regularly runs large site-wide sales and promo codes, which may be used on Starbucks items for deep discounts. Before making your purchase, make sure Starbucks isn’t on a list of exclusions for the coupon code.

In recent years, Starbucks’ rewards program has taken center stage and become a very valuable tool for customers on a budget. However, there are a few features that can be confusing for new users.

My Starbucks Rewards is different from many other rewards programs because it requires you to have a Starbucks card to register before you can sign up. You can get a Starbucks Card in four main ways:

  • Buy a physical gift card at a Starbucks store.
  • Buy an e-gift card from
  • Buy a specially marked Starbucks product at the grocery store and enter the Star code, which is located on or inside the packaging, at to create an account.
  • Download the Starbucks app and sign up to get a free “digital” card. This is the only option that doesn’t require you to purchase a gift card. The app is free through the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon App Store and is full integrated with the card. The app also features a digital card that is very similar to a debit card in how you load it with cash and transfer the balance if needed. If you keep enough money in your digital card, you can use the app to pay for in-store purchases.

After purchasing a physical or e-gift card, you’ll need to register it at to complete your rewards program membership. And although it may seem like a lot of hoops to jump through just to join a rewards program, My Starbucks Rewards is definitely worth the effort. Members get exclusive email coupons that can be used at any Starbucks locations (although you must opt in to receive email notifications), as well as early access to new Starbucks products.

Aside from the coupons and promotions, the most valuable part of My Starbucks Rewards is the free food and drink rewards. Whenever you make a purchase at a participating Starbucks store using either a Starbucks card or digital card or mobile app, you earn a Star. You can also earn Stars by buying specially marked Starbucks items at the grocery store or online at As you earn more Stars, you’ll receive more freebie offers.

Starbucks also runs a “Treat Receipt” promotion for rewards members. After buying something at Starbucks in the morning, you can bring your receipt back in the afternoon to get a discount up to 50% off select products. The promotion and highlighted products changes often, so you sure to check the rewards section online before heading to the coffee shop.

Shop the Sale Section

Although Starbucks might not seem like the typical place to have big sales, it actually has a very robust sale section. Online, there is an entire section for sale items that are typically discounted 25% or more. The sale area is a little tricky to find, however—start under the “Gifts & More” tab on, and then click “Sale” in the dropdown menu. Shopping online can be a little misleading, as some items are very clearly marked as being discounted in addition to having a free gift with purchase, but other items are only marked as discounted in a small heading on the main page, but not actually page you see at checkout.

A quick way to get an online discount is to sign up for Starbucks emails, where you’ll get a welcome offer of 10% off your next order.

Attend In-Store Events

Starbucks regularly holds special in-store events, typically around the holidays. These events feature lots of discounts and sales on your favorite products. For example, earlier this year Starbucks held the “World’s Largest #StarbucksDate” event around Valentine’s Day. The event featured a great deal of a special coffee and dessert pairing in stores for just $5, as well as fun surprises like a $20 Starbucks gift card if you signed up for Last Thanksgiving, Starbucks ran a “Share the Merry” event, which included a buy one, get one free offer on limited-time holiday drinks like the gingerbread latte.

Events can be held any time throughout the year, so the best way to stay on top of upcoming promotions and events is through social media. Follow Starbucks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest news. Events are held only on specific dates during specific times, so be sure to read all of the details before going to your neighborhood Starbucks. Rewards members get extended time and extra benefits at many events.

Use Starbucks Rebates

Mail-in rebates are something you may typically associate with grocery or electronics items, but they are also frequently available for Starbucks products. Rebates can center on new seasonal items from Starbucks, like when they offered a great rebate for the springtime collection that was released earlier this year, or on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. To take advantage of rebate offers, you typically have to buy the eligible product or products and complete a form. You then either send the form in the mail or submit it digitally with your proof of purchase. After your rebate is processed, it will be sent to you as a Starbucks e-gift card.

Rebates can be partnered with manufacturer and store coupons to maximize your savings. Stack coupons and rebates together to get the best deals. It’s even possible to get an occasional free item if you stack the savings just right.

You can also take advantage of cash back and rebate offers by downloading a cash back app. There are lots of apps to choose from, and they almost all give cash back on a large variety of grocery store items, including the occasional Starbucks offer. For example, there is currently an offer for $1 back on a Starbucks item through the ibotta app. Cash back apps usually require you submit a picture of the receipt as your proof of purchase. You also typically have to accrue a certain amount of cash back (usually $20) before you can get your check.

Buy Discounted Starbucks Gift Cards at

You may think of gift cards as just something to give to a friend on their birthday, but they can also be incredibly useful tools for savings lots of money if you use them yourself. features a gift card marketplace that sells discounted gift cards for hundreds of stores. Starbucks gift cards are currently sold at a 4% discount, which means you can get a $25 gift card for only $24. Although it might not seem like a huge discount, the savings can definitely add up overtime. In fact, a habitual Starbucks drinker can easily spend $25 a week, which can mean you save a dollar every week. You can also transfer the balance from discounted gift cards to your My Starbucks Rewards card, which makes it easier to check out and lets you earn Stars on your regular purchases.