How to Save on your Cellphone purchase!


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How To Save On Your Cellphone

Smartphones have become the latest craze, but as with most trends, it can be costly to keep up with the newest and the best. While you can use coupons from or other user-friendly websites to save a little when it comes to your smartphone purchase, there are also other options available to you. These days, it is very easy to get the best value for your money, so read on in order to learn more about how to save on your cellphone purchase.


Would you believe that many of the most expensive phones share the same processor as several inexpensive models? Motorola Moto E’s newest 4G incarnation is one of the most smartphones on the market, but shares the same Snapdragon 410 CPU processor as models that cost twice as much.

Battery life is another factor with little variation between expensive smartphone models and budget ones. Typically, every phone you purchase will provide you with a day of battery life, as long as you are using the phone in a normal fashion.

Screen sizes and resolutions also play a role in your decision to save on a cellphone. The higher the resolution, the better. The brightness and quality of the screen may also be important to you, so check out reviews before making the final decision.

If you are using your phone as your main camera, then beware of the budget phones, as this is usually the most crucial difference between models. The front camera is skimped on by budget smartphone manufacturers, so bear this fact in mind.


Users who are trying to save on their cellphone will often opt for Android over a Windows phone. Manufacturers add their own interfaces, so be aware of the differences before making the final decision. There are plain Androids, but they may be customized to a lesser (or greater) degree than expected.

Stock Androids typically get the job done, especially for those who are trying to save money on their purchase. Extra features may be worth having, but they could lead to sluggish response times. Also, by purchasing a plain Android, you are able to access updates more quickly. In case of other phones, you may be often forced to wait months, if they even receive updates at all.

Customer Service 

When purchasing a cellphone on a budget, you will want to select an outlet that provides excellent customer service. Easy returns are also a must, in case the phone experiences any issues. While a cheap deal is certainly always tempting, you need to do your homework, so that you can find out whether it is too good to be true before it is too late. If the outlet does not provide any repair services, this is typically a major red flag.

Good luck!

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