Darlin’ Deals Review ~ Clean Router! {Internet Protection}

CLean Router

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Clean Router in exchange for my honest review. I was not persuaded to write a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own except for factual information about product.

Being a parent is the hardest job I’ve ever had. Yes, I called it a job. Of course its a blessing to raise children, but unlike most positions in the work force parenthood doesn’t come with an Employee Manual. You get a lot of hands on experience once you become a Mother or Father. Most of what parents learn about how to raise a child is through trial and error… lots and lots of error 😉 There are some things that are perfectly safe to learn through the trial and error process when it comes to raising children. Such as the process of figuring out what foods those tiny humans like by watching them throw all the peas on the floor.

However, there are some parenting mistakes that you don’t get a second chance with. One of those things is protecting their innocence. Things that are seen can never be unseen. So now that my kids are growing out of the throwing peas off the ledge of the highchair stage and moving into the realm of technological entertainment I have begun to research ways to ensure my children are protected from the multitude of inappropriate content that the internet seems to shove in our face daily.

Clean Router Image

In my search I came across a nifty invention called the Clean Router. Just like a generic router it hooks up to any PC or laptop.  The feature that sets it apart from a typical router is the software loaded on it that can be customized to block specific types of websites! In addition to blocking sites it also has personalized options that will include a Daily Email Report showing the previous day’s internet usage history.

clean Router 2

Clean Router was simple to install. Although I can’t take the credit for hooking it up – I leave all things technology based up to my husband for fear that I will completely ruin the computer with something as simple as plugging in the charger cord 😉 My husband showed me that as soon as he connected it to the laptop it prompted him to follow the easy 5-step set up process (as seen in image above).

I highly recommend purchasing this product if you have children, teens, or young adults in your home. Even though us mommas love to tease that we have eyes in the back of our heads and can see everything, we all know that our ability to watch every move our child makes is limited. So why risk the split second it takes for a child to sneak away and type a few words that they heard from the older kids on the playground into a search engine and forever remember an image of something intended for adult viewing only.

You can purchase Clean Router on their website and be sure to visit their Facebook page for more info on what this amazing product can do.