DIY: Fence to conceal utility meters {Garbage Cans, A/C Units}

Utility Meter Cover

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I’ve been on a role with all the house projects lately so I thought I’d share the latest one with my Darlins! Our home had a major eye-sore, the utility meters were all situated right at the end of the driveway, which lowered the curb appeal. Ever since the moment we moved in I envisioned the day that this idea to conceal them would come to fruition!

However I can’t take the credit for completing this amazing project, my handy husband put in all the hard work putting this gorgeous fence up!

This project was actually inspired by similar cover-ups that I saw on Pinterest using pallet fences. For my fence I decided to use vinyl picket fence that we had leftover from the fence that my husband installed on the hillside behind our home. To give it a bit of a fancy flare (and to further conceal the ugly meters) I purchased this decorative vinyl piece and had my hubby screw it to the backside of the fence pieces.

I can’t even begin to explain what a difference it makes having those meters blocked by this cute little fence, now I don’t cringe as I pull into the driveway 😉

Oh and by the way, there are so many great DIY house projects that you can do with these high quality beautiful lattice panels think wall hangings, planter walls, patio deck covers and more!

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DIY: Update of A/C Vents with stylish Bronze Scroll design vents!

New Vents

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My latest house project was updating our old rusty air conditioner vents with gorgeous bronze scroll design floor registers! When we moved into our home we noticed that in addition to being unattractive, most of the floor a/c registers were very difficult to open and close.

So I went out to a local home improvement store to find new, clean, and easy to open vents but was not impressed with spending $10 per vent for the same style we already had. Before making the purchase I decided to do some research on alternative styles available. I happened upon these gorgeous antique bronze coated scroll design vents and decided to purchase a few in addition to these more affordable generic black finish scroll design vents.

Once they arrived I was highly impressed with the quality and even more pleased with how they completely transformed the rooms! Who knew something as simple as a decorative air vent could change the whole look of your home?! :)

They are super easy to install and the black finish vents that I purchased actually cost less than the generic vents you find at home improvement stores!

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DIY: Framed Wall Thermostat!

DIY thermo

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One of my favorite things about moving to a new house is all the fun decorating projects you get to do! My latest creation was changing out our super old thermostat with a modern one.

When we first moved into our new home it had a very old thermostat. I was in desperate need of updating to a digital/programmable thermostat. We bought this programmable thermostat ..only to discover that the old thermostat was glued to the wall so removing it left an ugly portion of wall that was never painted or texturized to match the rest of the wall. So I decided in addition to switching to a modern thermostat that I would hang a frame to add a bit of fanciness and also cover the damage on the wall that we patched with spray-on wall texture.

Before After Thermo

This was a very simple project, other than switching out the actual thermostat itself, which I had my husband do since he understands all that electrical stuff 😉

After my hubby did the difficult part of switching over to a modern digital thermostat, I bought this 5×7 ornate picture frame to use as the border frame for the thermostat.

Once it arrived we just removed the backing and used the border portion of the frame to place around the thermostat and voila – my thermostat was now much more pleasing to the eye!

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Baby’s 1st Year Milestones: Email your Child!

Pinterest Email Baby

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One thing I’ve learned since becoming a Mother is that time slips by quickly with your little ones. I’ve done many things to record these precious times with both of my children including taking pictures, keeping a ‘Baby’s 1st Year’ Calendar, and video taping every adorable thing they do (which in my opinion is everything 😉 )

With Baby #2 I decided to use technology as a way to create a collection of my daughter’s milestones during her 1st year and I plan to continue the updates as she grows up. I created an email address for my little girl and each month I take pictures of her and email it to her with a little info on what she is doing during that month/stage.

Email for Baby

The ultimate plan is to give her the email address and password on her 18th birthday so she can see her progression over the years and the detailed milestones she hit during the first few months of her life.

This is a very fun and affordable way to keep track of the precious moments & milestones in your little one’s life, I highly recommend doing it even if your child is past the baby stage!

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Darlin’ Deals DIY Project: LEGO Brick Organizer under $4!

If you have a LEGO fan in your house you will definitely want to check out this super affordable LEGO sorter box idea that my husband came up with!

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My son had a ton of LEGOS all mixed together in a box and whenever he wanted to build something he had to dig through the mess of LEGO bricks searching for the right piece. So my husband came up with a solution. He went to Walmart and got a plastic Rubbermaid organizer box (just $3.96!) and turned it into a LEGO Brick organizer. He put all the same colored bricks into the individual divider areas and then printed out a LEGO image and clear taped it to the top of the box. Easy as that! Now my son has a nifty little LEGO Brick organizer box for under $4!


Darlin’ Deals Nail Art: Multi-Color Stripe Pedicure!

I have always liked to have pretty polished toes, but when I became a stay at home mom I could no longer afford those pricey pedicures. So I started looking for sales, coupons, and deals on nail polish and pedicure items (clippers, files, buffers etc.) and gathered a collection for my home pedicures 😉

Last night I attempted to create a nail design during my home pedicure for the 1st time and while its not perfect, I was very happy with how it turned out!

Its super easy to do and only requires a few things, all of which can be found around the house :) This can also be done on fingernails, but I normally don’t paint my fingernails.

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You’ll need:

  • 3 bright colored polishes. I recommend quick dry polish if you don’t have a lot of time to wait for them to dry. Choose shades you normally wouldn’t wear as a solid coat so you can finally use that quirky color (mine was the turquoise :) )
  • 1 dark colored polish. Must be very dark to cover the other colors (I used a deep burgundy)
  • Clear nail polish
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors


  1. Paint 3 stripes on the nail using the bright colors
  2. Allow them to dry COMPLETLEY
  3. While you wait for the 3 colors to dry, cut pieces of the scotch tape into small strips length wise. Make sure they are long enough to have edges of tape hang over your nail bed to easily peel it off. You will also want to make sure the tape strips are thin so you can apply a few of them, no more than 1/4″ wide.
  4. After you are sure they are dry, apply the tape along your toe nail in any pattern/design you want. I did 3 strips per toe diagonally.
  5. Paint the dark color over the bright colors and on top of the tape strips. Once you have applied the dark polish IMMEDIATLY peel the tape off your toes.
  6. Allow to dry completely and apply a clear coat.
  7. Enjoy your new unique colorful nail design :)


Darlin’ Deals ~ How To: Hair Color Chalking!

I’ve always been into unique hair colors, as a teenager I even dyed my hair blue 😉

So today I decided to try a method of adding bright colors to my hair that I heard about called Hair Chalking.

It turned out great and was really easy to do & works on all hair colors!

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Here’s the step-by-step instructions on how to do it:

Purchase –

  • Soft Pastels from a craft store (Michael’s Crafts had them for $9.99 and I used a 40% Off coupon making them $6) *Do NOT use Oil Pastels, they are not the same thing
  • Disposable Gloves – plastic, latex, or latex-free are all fine

Instructions on Coloring –

  1. Make sure you have gloves on or your hands will get dyed too
  2. Put on clothing you want to wear for the day because chalk can rub off while changing clothing (it DOES wash out if that happens so don’t worry 😉 )
  3. Grab a section of hair and lightly wet it *Don’t soak your hair it will make additional steps harder
  4. Pick the color you want to use and run it in a downward motion on hair until you have the shade of color you want. Darker color hair works best with bright color chalks and may require a few extra strokes of the chalk.
  5. Let hair dry, which shouldn’t take long since you don’t soak you hair when wetting it
  6. Lock in color with a curling iron or flat iron
  7. Enjoy your cool new hair color!!


  • Do NOT put any hair product on the colored hair, it will make it look & feel greasy
  • Do NOT brush colored hair or it will get flaky
  • Color can rub off on things, but from my experience it was rare for it to get on things and when it did it was minor coloring and washed off everything it touched :)
  • It will wash out in 1 wash, but some brighter colors may take a 2nd wash to come out completely
  • Make sure to condition your hair when you wash it, as with any hair color it can dry your hair a bit

DIY: Upcycle Glass Jars into Food Storage Containers!

My latest project has been to create my own food storage jars! I was able to create 7 food storage jars for under $5 total!

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I got a variety of empty food jars (Jelly, Salsa, Spaghetti Sauce etc) and sanitized them with hot water and soap to get rid of their smells. Then I used Goo Gone to clean off the glue from their labels.




Finally I spray painted the lids black ($3 spray paint from Kmart) and let them dry for 2 hours. Then I glued Drawer Knobs on top ($3 for multi-pack at Kmart) Then I just filled them with various foods and Voila ~ Food Storage Jars! :)


DIY: Star-shaped Coffee Candle under $3 {I made one!}

Thanks to Pinterest I have been exercising my creative side and my latest project was to create a Coffee Candle! It was SUPER easy to make and cost less than $3 :)

What You Will Need:

  • Glass shaped Star from the $0.99 store (they also had glass Heart shapes)
  • Whole Coffee Beans, I bought 1/4lb of beans to fill the Star. Choose a flavored coffee in a scent that you enjoy, I chose French Vanilla Cream. It cost about $1.30 for 1/4 lb of Coffee Beans. 
  • Votive Candle or Tealight Candle but it must come in a glass or metal container to catch the wax

I put a candle inside the empty glass star and then I simply poured the Coffee Beans around the Candle evenly.

Finally, I lit the candle and the warmth of the candle makes the aroma of the coffee beans fill the room so my whole house smelled like French Vanilla Heaven 😉

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